Dear Debbie (Shelter Director),

     Thank you so much for helping me get out of the hole that I was in.  You have done so much for me and what you have done is much appreciatedf.  I wouldn't be where I am today without your help.  I started out here with nothing and now I have my own place and a full-time job!  I'm saving up for a car now too, so hopefully I will have one very soon.  I was only here about 6 weeks, but I had a good experience when I was here.  Thank you for everything you have done!

Thank you,




Dear Safe Harbor,

     My name is "Mary" (changed for confidence) and I stayed at Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter between December and March, 2015.  Even though I may have not known all of you, a few of you stand out to me.  Especially Debbie who was there for me from the beginning the way Debbie worked with us.  When she told us during our assessments what to work on, she was working for us, she wasn't just there working.  She was hands on and gave us the tools to work us into accomplishing our goals, she even made phone calls with us during our assessments.  If Debbie would have told me just to do what she suggested I would have just set it aside because I am not good on the phone.  I know Debbie meant a lot to me becausd she took the time with me to get done what I had to do to be successful.  And it was nice that Bunny came in for Debbie.  Bunny was just like Debbie in takin gover for Debbie and doing the assessments.

Thanks for everything,